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Delta Dental Care

Dear Patient,

You are important to us. Just as a child gives birth to a mother, a patient gives birth to a doctor!


To provide world class dental services through exceptional patient care in a safe environment We realize that there are dental clinics and there are dental clinics. We position ourselves as the latter. No room for compromise in care. Period. We believe in making world-class dentistry affordable to everyone.

To be a global player in the dental service industry
To be the most preferred destination for dental treatments
To achieve patient satisfaction.


To provide world class dental experience to the patients
To provide career opportunities and growth to the professionals
To uphold the interests of all stakeholders involved in the corporate

Dr. Arundati Krishnaraj

Clinical Director

Dr. Arundati Krishnaraj has over 16 years of experience in administrating patient care services, performing advanced clinical treatments such as dental implants, and performing research.

She has several years of teaching experience and has trained several graduate and post graduate students. A prosthodontist and Oral Implantologist by profession, she has placed over 1000 implants till date with successful dcumented outcomes and is a known leader in Implant Dentistry.

Her role in Delta Dental Care is to ensure quality patient care for all the patients, ensuring safety and infection control practices, performing clinical audits for treatments and ensuring patient satisfaction in a sustained and consistent manner.

Mrs. Amitha Raj Goklaney

Director, Marketing and Human Resources

Amitha has over 10 years of experience in human resources, marketing and training.

She has worked in several sectors including banking services, insurance, BPO, aviation, online solution services and content management.

Her core competencies include HR operations, recruitment, employee engagement, training as well as brand building and content development.

Her role in Delta is primarily to focus on human capital procurement, management, engagement as well as develop and promote strong and focused marketing strategies for Delta Dental Care as a preferred dental service provider.

Mr. Vinay Goklaney

Director, Finance

Vinay has over 15 years of strong experience in several financial vectors, primarily specializing in financial services, risk management and distribution networking.

He is a serial entrpreneur by being actively involved in maiden ventures in F&B, Interior Design and Healthcare.

His core specialization areas are in financial capital management, accounting, planning, forecasting and developing profitable and self-sustaining business plans and models.

His portfolio in Delta dental care involves handling finance including vendor selection, asset management, cost control, risk management, data reconciliation, and establishment of new projects

Becca Adkins

Health Care

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We pride on being a multi specialty dental service provider with dental specialists performing treatments for all patients. We have developed infection control and sterilization methods recommended by the CDC, USA ensuring world class infection control We have doctors with an international exposure performing treatments for patients to ensure world class care We provide no obligation counseling services for all patients to address all their needs through compassionate doctors and counselors. We aim to exceed patients' expectations by providing exceptional customer care and complimentary lifelong post operative care to all our patients. We have latest dental equipments and technology for providing dental treatments including dental lasers and implant surgeries. We have an automated healthcare monitoring system that keeps all relevant patient information on a cloud database


We improve dental awareness by providing complimentary dental screening to school children both within the city and in villages as well for the underprivileged sections of the society. We believe that education can eradicate poverty and we support school education programs We undertake several green initiatives by providing "sapling distribution" in thee community to raise the awareness of the importance of planting trees.


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