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Sterilization Technology

Dental clinics can pose a significant risk of infection transmission through contaminated materials or equipment
Delta Dental Care works to minimize the risk of infection transmission between patients by using state of the art sterilization technology and by employing techniques recommended by the Center of Disease Control, USA
Delta Dental Care employs a Central Sterilization Bay to fulfill all its sterilization needs
The used instruments and materials undergo a 3 step decontamination procedure both manual and ultrasonic to thoroughly removal all contaminants before steam sterilization
All instruments are sealed and pouched in a disposable pouch before being processed through a high output pre-vacuum autoclave
Delta Dental Care employs the latest technology B- Class autoclaves for all its sterilization needs
All autoclaved instruments are further tested for their sterility using a color indicator test before being used on patients
The equipments are further calibrated using a third party calibrator to check for their efficacy

Digital X rays

Delta dental Care uses all digital X rays for its radiological needs
Delta Dental Care follows the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable)
Digital X rays allow for manipulation of images using a specialized software that can increase the accuracy of diagnosis
X rays at Delta Dental Care have 6 times lower radiation as compared to conventional film based X rays
All X rays follow standard Infection Control practices to minimize risk of infection transmission

Laser Dentistry

Delta Dental Care uses a world Class FDA approved and CE certified 10W laser for all its dental applications
The laser can be used for pain-free and minimally invasive treatment procedures
It can be used for many applications such as periodontics, root canal disinfection, cosmetic dentistry, tooth bleaching, gum depigmentation procedures
Demonstrating excellent antibacterial properties and high absorption in water and blood, it is ideal for use in oral procedures.


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